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Tip of the Month

Create an Easy Lawn - 5 Simple Secrets to an Easy Lawn!
By Scott E Jordan

Five ways to establish a yard that is almost care free. Are thoughts of cutting your yard a cause for alarm? The problem may be a lack of effective lawn design. Gardens with deep curves and sharp corners may be pleasing to the eye, but they can be difficult to mow. In the process of planning your landscape don't forget that you will need to consider that you have to mow in these areas.

When designing your garden beds or hardscaping, don't forget about mowing your yard. Know the steps of your project prior to beginning.

In the preparation stage, think about the entire project, from start to finish, don't forget about cleaning up.

1) Plan on having an idea of the overall style that you want.

2) Using your lawn mower, trace the border of your project area. By doing this you can make sure that it is easy to mow in that area.

3) Trace this mower line with spray paint so that you will be able to see your borders.

4) Plan ahead for the digging phase; where will you put the extra dirt?
a) if the project only takes a couple of days you can put it on a tarp near your work area - this will make it easier to move.
b) If it is longer - you will not want to use a tarp - this will kill your grass. You will need to relocate the dirt to another area - another planting bed? or haul it to another area.

5) If you are installing a wall in your landscape, remember you have to fit your mower next to it. Install a row of bricks flush with the ground in front of your wall for the wheels of the mower to ride on, this limits the tall grass.

In conclusion, an easy lawn begins with careful planning. Enjoy, use your imagination and remember planning and following the steps will make your life easier later

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