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Tip of the Month

Cleaning Your Roof Gutters
By Bill Thompson

Cleaning your roof gutters helps to maintain them, and keep them in good shape. It is important to maintain the gutters - keep them in good condition, and be sure of the gutters safety. It is also necessary to ensuring that your gutter functions well all the time. There are many methods that you can use to clean the roof gutter. In case you do not want to do the task by yourself, you can just hire a cleaner. Cleaning the gutter by yourself will help you save money.

When cleaning the gutter, ensure that it is free of leaves and debris. The water from the leaves and the debris usually make the gutter heavy and it might pull from the mountings. The water is a hazard to the gutter, since it causes the wood to rot and also rust the poles if they are made of iron. These results make the roof gutter weak and it may eventually fall if no repair is made in time.

It is important to clean your gutter more regularly especially if it is placed under a tree. You can form a program of cleaning it at least twice per year. You need to have a ladder but if your roof is too high you can consider getting some professional help. A tall step ladder would be appropriate for this task. Place it on a firm base to avoid falling down. If you will need to lean the ladder against a gutter make sure that the gutter is firm enough.

Consider working from the roof top rather than working on from the ladder. This might be safer and more comfortable. You also need to take your time to climb on the top of the gutter. Always make sure that you have put all the safety measures that are required in place to avoid accidents. It is essential to consider the weather condition before deciding on working on the gutter. Windy, icy and wet weather might be very dangerous. When doing the work, ensure that you have worn protective clothes. Once you are sure that you are safe you can now continue to clean the gutter.

Start by scooping the loose debris using garden towel unblocking the drain outlet. This would be an easier task if the debris and the leaves are damp. Ensure that you have a place to keep the debris with you, to avoid doing more cleaning later. You need also try to wash the drain outlet by using a hose. This can be very messy and therefore care need to be taken since you can mess up your house. It is also important that you clean any obstacle in the drain pipe.

Maintaining your gutter in good condition by occasionally cleaning it will ensure that it last for a long time. It is also a way of keeping your home clean. In case you are unable to perform this task you can always consult a professional.

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